LB Fitness Gym

Strength & Conditioning

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LB Fitness Gym

Strength & Conditioning

Everyone is welcome from new beginners to those who regularly exercise; there is a class to suit all. We are a class-based gym reliant on strong community to make everybody’s workout a more pleasurable experience.

Our gym, based in Swavesey Road, Fen Drayton is not full of machines or gadgets just carefully selected equipment to maximize the benefit for your core to your extremities, its not about being “massive” or shouting the loudest its about strength and conditioning for everyone! If your unsure come in for a free trial as a workout paints a thousand words.

What is LB Fitness


All workouts are completely scalable to allow any person to take part. All weights, movements, reps and times can be reduced or increased to maximize the intensity for all involved.

Functional movements: 

Movements that are natural or benefit everyday life, such as lifting, running, jumping, squatting and pressing.


The workouts are constantly varied to prepare the body and mind for general physical preparedness. The ensuring the body and mind is capable of pressing the same weight the sameamount of times or running the same route in the same time on the same days.

High intensity: 

The workout are scalable to allow all participant to complete the workout with high intensity and safely, this will bring about the most benefit and quickest results.


Friendly competition, and motivation is what can drive us all when the wods are tough or the weights are heavy. We will work hard and as a community come together on social media or round a BBQ.


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Unit 1, St John's College Farm, Swavesey Road, Fen Drayton, Cambridge CB24 4SE
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