Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I come to LB Fitness: 

There are many reasons why you try a LB Fitness class. The class is place without egos, all are welcomed whatever their ability with the loudest cheers for the person at the rear! You will learn new exercises and perfect old ones you didn’t know you had issues with (personal experience). The community based gym will aim to grow a nice network of friendly approachable people who interact and gain experience and determination off each other and we will seek to expand out network through friendly competitions and events. Social media, Social events and daily interaction allows member to express concerns or ask questions, swap recipes etc.

I don't want to look bulky:

If your goal is solely weight loss and aesthetics then LB fitness will help you in looking athletic, men are unlikely to look bulky in a bodybuilder style as the training is not about bulk or size, but will build muscle lose fat and look more athletic. Women produce about 1/10 the amount testosterone as men and so will not look bulky as testosterone is what give men advantage in muscle building.

What are some examples of LB Fitness exercises:

Squats, jumps, runs, rows, bikes, climbs, press ups, pull ups, sit ups, presses, swings, snatches, cleans, deadlifts, plus many others!!! The WOD or workout of the day will change day to day in an seemingly random pattern but will allow members to train as often as possible without overtraining certain areas.

A typical 60 min class will be: 5 -10 min warm up 20 min strength / skill work 10-25 min WOD 5-10 min cool down

Can LB Fitness be for someone 55 and older:

Of course! The workouts are all scaled and people differ only in load not in intensity or technique. Whatever age you are the importance of knowing how to squat, lift and move objects correctly never go away. A 60 year old lady still may need to pick up a bag of shopping up off the floor, which is fundamentally a deadlift, if she is active and mobile the shopping bag deadlift is not an issue. Exercise and resistance training when performed correctly can help prevent the onset of osteoporosis, arthritis, Diabetes, obesity, depression, back pain and many other chronic illnesses.

What should I wear: 

Initially any decent sportswear which will be supportive and protect modesty, whilst allowing freedom of movements in squats, jumps etc. trainers are ideal and bring a towel and some water.

What should I eat:

In plain language, base your diet on garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar. That's about as simple as we can get. Eat clean, avoid processed food, plenty of water, no sugar. That said, Unless you are a robot or an Olympian there is no need to make yourself miserable about food, there is 1000’s of books and journals about food and diets, all saying this and that and providing a nutritional minefield of advice.

Nutrition is one of the most personal things in fitness and thorough effective advice cannot be given here in a few words and work for everyone. Experiment with food and find what works for you. Generally eat a clean and healthy diet avoiding processed foods that are suitable for your goals. But don’t be hung up about a piece of cake at a party, or a bbq in the sun, It is your life be healthy but enjoy it!! 80/20% rule works for many.

I just want to lose weight and look good: 

Men and Women are likely (provided diet is clean and good) to lose body fat, Not necessarily the little number on the bathroom scales though as an increase in muscle may even things out, muscle is smaller than fat pound for pound though! Body fat is in the thing we can pinch around our sides (and that is stored around our organs,) losing this this is what will make us smaller and more toned, dropping dress sizes for ladies, smaller belt holes for men. Many Fad crazy diets will drop pounds quickly but what you will lose will likely be muscle also! And muscle is what will give the long term ability to maintain weight effectively. Only you know what you weigh on the scales it is not hung around your neck when you are out, that is why it should not the be all and end all figure in weight loss. If you are fitter, stronger and healthier you will.